Tangix HelpDeskPRO

A helpdesk solution for resellers

Tangix HelpDeskPRO is a web-based helpdesk software specially developed for, and used by, resellers.

All basic functionality regarding calls and statistics is included and on top of that a lot of functions for keeping track of customers, customers licenses and license renewals.

Web-based solution

Tangix HelpDeskPRO is a web-based system connecting users, staff and admin personnel in the same system. Most major web-browsers are supported, all providing the same layout and functions.

Tangix HelpDeskPRO is built on robust technologies such as MySQL, apache and AJAX providing a fast, scalable and stable solution for every application and size of business.

Efficient work-flow

Commonly used functions are available to the support staff directly from the main pages. Using the Rich Internet Application approach (“Web 2.0”) where applicable gives a responsive system and at the same time provides an efficient environment for the helpdesk staff.

Stats, stats and more stats

As a helpdesk manager it is vital to have a smooth support process. Tangix HelpDeskPRO offers several ways to track the performance of the staff and also to monitor the customers’ requests and needs. In-depth statistics about each customer’s requests are available and also tracking of complexity to be able to provide training to customers based on the requests logged.

Don't take our word for it - see for yourself

To try out Tangix HelpDeskPRO, please visit our demo-environment:


Login as a member of the staff (username: tim, password: staff):

Login as an end-user (username: adam.jones, password: user):

Login as an administrator / manager (username: joe, password: admin):

Want us to host your Helpdesk?

Tangix is able to host Tangix HelpDeskPRO for you! We will run all behind-the-scenes aspects with the help of RackSpace UK.

For a fixed fee per month we give you a securehelpdesk with over 99.9% uptime hosted at a secure and well-connected hosting centre.

Tangix monitors performance and operation 24/7 with the help of Wormly Performance Monitoring.

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